ख्वाहिशें भी सीमाएं कहाँ समझती हैं ?
हंस कर सवाल करती है , जैसे हम उसे पाने के काबिल ही न हो
गुरूर है तुम में , हम में भी काम नहीं ,
सुकून तोह उन्ही ख्वाहिशों को पाने में है जो आसानी से हासिल न हो|


Translation (By Ridhi Gupta)

When has a wish,
Ever known it’s bounds,
When has a dream,
Ever not been profound.
But then they turn back,
And laugh, at Me!
They think I’m not capable,
Of attaining them you see.
I accept their pride,
For they have seen men fail,
But they haven’t met me yet,
My Pride is not that frail.
Eternal Peace is something,
I will only ever gain,
When what they say is unattainable,
I have at my feet, Now Lain.

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